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In offering a wide range of veterinary care for your dog or cat, we may need to perform anesthesia during some procedures. While this can be concerning for some owners, Circle Veterinary Clinic has at our disposal a wide assortment of anesthetics to administer for the safest anesthesia possible for your beloved pet's unique health condition. These include injectable medications and inhalant anesthesia, which is breathed in through an endotracheal tube. Whenever a pet is under anesthesia, one of our technicians monitors your pet's condition directly, carefully evaluates seven vital signs on our anesthesia monitor, and records these assessments. In most cases, intravenous fluids are administered as needed. Your pet's body temperature is maintained using a warm air system (Bair Hugger) as well. Recovery from anesthesia is also carefully monitored. We prioritize pain management and use appropriate medications to eliminate any discomfort your pet may experience. These steps ensure a safe and comfortable recovery to allow your pet a prompt return to your home.

Annual Examinations

At Circle Veterinary Clinic, we encourage yearly physical examinations for all pets as part of routine preventative and wellness care. The annual check up includes a thorough physical by a veterinarian and is a comprehensive assessment of all body systems. This screen allows us to determine if any abnormalities exist in your pet's condition. When performed annually, these examinations also allow our skilled veterinarians to detect changes in conditions such as arthritis, dental disease, and eye problems, which may be so subtle that they are hard to detect at home.

In addition to urine tests, fecal tests have become more crucial due to the growing prevalence of parasites in dog parks. A 2019 DOGPARCS study in the Northeast found Giardia in 72% of parks and 12% of dogs, Hookworm in 41% of parks and 5.3% of dogs, and Whipworm in 18% of parks and 2% of dogs. Hookworms are especially concerning due to the development of multiple drug-resistant (MDR) types. Because hookworms are highly pathogenic, they can kill dogs. They can also penetrate human skin, so it is important to keep shoes on when visiting dog parks. At Circle Vet, we use a lab test that uses a fecal flotation by centrifugation (versus a passive flotation) combined with an antigen test to detect the presence of hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. This superior test is able to diagnose about double the rate of parasitic infections up to a month earlier, while also avoiding false negatives.

As part of preventative wellness care, we also offer other annual lab tests. In addition to parasite tests, we recommend more comprehensive wellness tests at a discounted bundled rate, which include blood profiles that can reveal health conditions not apparent upon physical examination only. Detecting problems early results in better health outcomes and a longer, happier life for your pet. If any changes in your pet's health and condition are discovered, our veterinarians may recommend further blood tests, x-rays, or other diagnostic tests to better evaluate the significance of these changes and determine the optimal treatment plan. As your pet ages, annual testing can also provide reassurance as we track your pet's health compared to a baseline over time.

We encourage you to take the best possible care of your pet by scheduling annual examinations and lab work in order to help maintain your pet's health and diagnose any potential health problems. Timely detection can not only improve your pet's length and quality of life, but also minimize the risk of premature death and higher expenses resulting from late diagnosis.

Dentistry and Oral Health

Like people, pets need annual dental exams to maintain good oral hygiene and to help diagnose any dental problems, as well as potential underlying health conditions. Neglecting dental care can result in unnecessary discomfort and potentially expensive future health problems if left undiagnosed and untreated. Our Clinic provides the finest in dental care and oral health for your pets. The services we provide include oral examinations, consultations on home care, dental health diets and products, and a range of in-clinic treatments and surgeries to restore oral health. The in-clinic treatments include a thorough cleaning and polishing of all teeth, complete dental x-rays, and a comprehensive oral examination by a doctor. These procedures require general anesthesia. If extractions are needed, one of our surgeons will discuss this with you. The procedures are performed to the highest standards, with pain relieving medications administered and sent home along with a complete report of all procedures completed.

We understand that proper dental and medical care can be expensive. Besides Care Credit, we also accept pet health insurance.

To maintain good dental health, brushing the teeth has proven to be the best method. For owners who find brushing difficult, we carry dental wipes that can be used to clean teeth more quickly. We also carry a water additive which limits disease-causing plaque and tartar. Our knowledgable staff would be pleased to advise you in choosing the best products and services to help you keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy.

Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are a constant threat to our pets. Ticks can also be a serious health hazard due to tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease. Fleas can cause significant skin problems for both dogs and cats, as well as internal problems such as tapeworms. These parasites can make humans uncomfortable and can prove very difficult to eradicate once they have invaded our homes. For these reasons, we advise use of certain medications year-round.

You may sign up for monthly email updates on parasite prevalence rates at Pets & Parasites and for alerts when there are disease outbreaks in our area at Pet Disease Alerts.

Urgent Care Services

We focus on keeping your pet happy and healthy. Unfortunately, pets occasionally experience an illness or injury that requires urgent care. Our clinic is equipped to handle urgent care during hospital hours, schedule permitting. During the day, you may call our office at 302-652-6587 to see if we are able to accommodate your pet's needs. If your pet has an emergency outside of our hours, we encourage you to contact one of the following 24-hour fully staffed veterinary emergency clinics:

Blue Pearl
106 Geoffrey Dr.
Newark , DE 19713

Pinnacle Veterinary Specialists
600 Evergreen Dr Suite 110
Glen Mills, PA 19342

University of Pennsylvania Ryan Hospital Emergency Services
3900 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Pet Poisoning

If you have a pet poison concern, call 888-426-4435 for the ASCPCA Animal Poison Control Center for immediate assistance, or go to their website for information.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes prevalent in the Wilmington, DE area. They are a potentially fatal parasite for our dogs and cats. A significant rise in risk is posed by the many pets who were adopted from out-of-state shelters during the pandemic, most of which were not tested or treated for heartworms. Dogs from shelters after natural disasters had a 14.6%-48.8% positivity rate. Once relocated, they can spread heartworms if not tested and treated immediately.

The Companion Animal Parasite Council provides quite accurate forecasts of heartworm prevalence by county. Live maps are available on their website. You may also sign up for monthly local updates.

Heartworm disease can be safely and easily prevented. We encourage all pet owners to share the responsibility for keeping their own and others' pets safe through annual heartworm/parasite testing and regular preventative medication. Sadly, we have had to treat a number of dogs for heartworms in the recent past. Symptoms may not develop for many months and include persistent cough, fatigue, and rapid breathing. At our hospital, we carry a trusted line of heartworm prevention products to protect both cats and dogs.

ProHeart is an injectable heartworm prevention treatment, administered at our hospital, which affords a full year of continuous protection. This is a good option for those worried about missing doses and is safe and 100% effective for dogs 12 months and older. ProHeart is eligible for the Zoetis Rewards program, which offers generous rebates that may be redeemed at your veterinarian's office. ​For those who prefer monthly treatments, we recommend the tasty oral chewable, Heartgard, for dogs. Heartgard has been the top heartworm prevention medication for over thirty years. It also provides highly effective control of five species of common intestinal parasites. Dogs enjoy the tasty chews, which makes compliance easy for pet parents.

For cats, we recommend the topical product, Bravecto Plus, which also protects against fleas, ticks, roundworms and hookworms. Heartworm protection products are also available on our online store through Vetsource. Each of these FDA-approved medicines is prescribed by our veterinarians specifically for your pet and is backed by the manufacturer's assurance of safety and effectiveness. To ensure effectiveness and maintain the manufacturer's guarantee, we require blood testing of all dogs before starting heartworm prevention and annually thereafter. We use a thorough lab test that detects not only Heartworm, but also Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma. These tests are not required for cats but are recommended.

Home Delivery

Our online store provides a comprehensive selection of food, treats, and medications to help you care for and pamper your pet, shipped directly from the manufacturer to your home. With pharmaceutical company discounts available exclusively through veterinarians, as well as regular coupon and autoship discounts, our prices are often lower than other online stores, which stock products in inventory rather than shipping directly from the manufacturer. You can be assured that products ordered through Vetsource are genuine and carry a manufacturer guarantee. Prescription approvals are also quicker because we receive order requests sooner. Ordering through Vetsource helps support your pet's doctors while assuring your pet gets safe, effective products at great prices!

Laboratory Services

To help us assess your pet's health, Circle Veterinary Clinic offers a comprehensive selection of state-of-the-art laboratory services. These include in-house tests and a vast array of outside clinical laboratory tests to screen for the many different diseases which can compromise the health of our pets: fecal parasitic examinations, heartworm blood tests, screening for Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections, evaluations of blood cells and chemistries, urine tests, tests for hormonal imbalances, drug monitoring, biopsy of tissue samples, and many others. All laboratory test results are digitally stored in your pet's medical record for immediate availability and retrieval. Annual wellness testing, while not mandatory, helps monitor changes in your pet's health condition and may reveal hidden health problems, which can then be treated early for the best possible outcome. Our doctors are glad to discuss which testing options are necessary and appropriate for your pet's medical needs.

Laser Therapy

We offer cutting-edge therapy laser treatments to reduce pain and inflammation and speed healing. These treatments are used in dogs and cats for acute conditions such as wounds, infections, sprains and strains, and surgery, as well as for chronic conditions such as arthritis, lick sores, ear problems, periodontitis, and others. Our clinic uses a Companion Therapy Laser which is a Class IV deep tissue therapy laser. It works by applying the laser light through a non-invasive hand piece to the affected area. This often creates a gentle and soothing warmth to the region during the treatment. Each treatment lasts for several minutes. Laser therapy is safe and can be used along with pharmaceuticals and supplements to aid in the treatment and pain management of many conditions. Our veterinarians have undergone training specifically designed to equip them to effectively implement therapeutic laser technologies. Please contact Circle Veterinary Clinic if you have any questions or are interested in having laser therapy treatments for your pet.


Circle Veterinary Clinic provides microchipping to identify your pet. If your pet is missing or lost, this can be a sad and frightening event. Most veterinary offices and shelters are equipped with scanners to read an implanted microchip. They will then call a national registry to facilitate the return of your beloved cat or dog as soon as possible. To implement this technology, the microchip is inserted through a needle under the skin between your pet's shoulder blades and provides a specific identification number for your pet. After we implant the microchip, it is extremely important that you register the microchip according to the information we send home at the time of the microchipping. We use Datamars microchips because they are on the international standard and charge no registration or annual fees. With some pets, a mild tranquilizer or sedative may enable us to properly place the microchip with the least amount of discomfort or stress for your pet.

Pain Management

In providing compassionate care for your pet, it is essential that we maintain control of any pain your cat or dog may be experiencing. Circle Veterinary Clinic's veterinarians use a complete line of FDA-approved medications in our pharmacy, including several drugs to control inflammation to help us mitigate pain. These medications are dosed specifically based on your pet's weight and overall health. If needed, we can write prescriptions to local pharmacies to complement our veterinary-specific drugs. Some of these medications can have side effects, so laboratory tests may be necessary. Our Clinic also offers some alternative therapies for the management of acute and chronic pain, including a Therapy Laser, the finest quality joint supplement (Dasuquin), and/or injections with Adequan. All of these are designed to control inflammation in joints and maintain the health of the joint fluid and cartilage.


For your pet's health and your convenience, Circle Veterinary Clinic has a complete pharmacy with a wide inventory of medications, FDA tested and approved for use in pets. We also have some medications that are generic drugs for which there are no veterinary specific versions available. All of these medications are dispensed with the specific dose and frequency for your unique pet and are prescribed only by one of our veterinarians. We appreciate at least 24 hours notice for prescription refill requests. Please note that controlled drugs such as tramadol require 48 hours notice to be filled. Our veterinarians are willing to answer any questions about the use, drug interactions, or side effects of any prescriptions we send home with you.

Medications and other items may also be ordered from our online pharmacy.

Prescription Diets

After evaluating the various prescription diets available, Circle Veterinary Clinic generally recommends Royal Canin, which offers the most comprehensive and nutritionally advanced lines of therapeutic and preventative diets for both dogs and cats. Their food is formulated based on ongoing research and development, and exceptional palatability is 100% guaranteed. Royal Canin leads the veterinary nutrition industry in the management of lower urinary tract disease, gastrointestinal disease, and atopic dermatitis. All their products are naturally preserved with vitamin E, rosemary extract, and citric acid and contain no artificial colors or additives.

For convenience, all Royal Canin diets can be shipped to your home free of charge, with a 10% AutoShip discount via Vetsource. If you prefer, Royal Canin prescription foods may be picked up at our clinic. If the particular Royal Canin diet your pet needs is not in stock, we will gladly order it for you.

We also carry Purina DM and EN for cats and Purina HA for dogs because these work better for certain pets. We keep the popular Purina Gentle Snackers and Calming Care for dogs in stock, as well as Hydra Care for dehydrated cats. All Purina products, including non-prescription foods, can be shipped free to your home directly from Purina, usually at discounted prices using coupon codes.

Though we don't generally keep Hills diets in stock, they are also available for direct shipping to your home as needed. Please contact us, and we will arrange an appropriate nutrition plan for your pet.

We would be glad to review your pet's nutritional needs and recommend the best dietary options to help improve your pet's health. ​Both prescription and non-prescription diets, as well as treats, may also be ordered via our online store, Vetsource.

Prescription foods are extremely helpful for many acute and chronic medical problems cats and dogs may experience, including but not limited to digestive upsets or food sensitivities, bladder inflammation (especially in cats) or bladder stones, skin problems, and even arthritis. There are diets to reduce weight and maintain good body condition and to keep teeth and gums healthy using specific dental formulations. With regard to food allergies and skin problems, these diets have proven superior to pet store brands due to the purity of their ingredients and processing. Please call our friendly and knowledgeable staff if you have any questions about prescription foods!

Soft Tissue Surgery

Circle Veterinary Clinic offers a wide range of surgical procedures to maintain the health of your pet. We perform cat and dog neuter and spay surgery, lump and cyst removals, wound repairs, stomach and intestinal surgery to remove objects pets may swallow, diagnostic biopsies, some eye and eyelid surgeries, as well as other procedures. These surgeries are performed in our sterile surgery room by our experienced and skilled veterinarians after assessing your pet's health by performing an examination, assessing pre-anesthetic laboratory tests, and then utilizing personalized and safe anesthesia. Our goals in performing surgery are the safety of your pet, pain control, and returning your pet to your home as quickly and safely as possible. Most pets go home the same day as the surgery, although inpatient care is also available. Pain relieving medications (analgesics) are sent home to ensure your pet recovers with little to no discomfort.


Vaccinations, when given on a regular basis, are one of the best methods to keep your pet healthy. Yet, vaccines may have rare side effects. After a careful evaluation of the vaccines available from different manufacturers, we have selected vaccines which we deem best in class. Our vaccine protocol has been developed with the goal of maximizing protection and minimizing risk to your pet. We advise giving the core vaccines to cats and dogs (after completion of their puppy or kitten series) every three years. These core vaccines are to be given to all dogs and cats for life and include protection against canine and feline distemper, respiratory viruses, canine parvovirus, and rabies, which is required by law.

We administer Boehringer-Ingelheims's canine Imrab Rabies vaccines because they are thimerosal-free.

Our hospital also offers vaccines to protect dogs from Lyme disease, kennel cough (Bordetella), Canine Influenza, Distemper/Parvovirus, and Leptospirosis. We carry Zoetis' Vanguard line of Lyme, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza vaccines and Merck's line of Nobivac Edge Distemper/Parvovirus and Leptospirosis vaccines.

We recommend Vanguard crLyme vaccine because it is the only vaccine with seven OspC antigens, which provides the broadest coverage. Vanguard is also the only vaccine providing 15-month immunity and innovative technology that minimizes extraneous proteins, resulting in a safer, minimally reactive vaccine. It is important to vaccinate dogs against Lyme disease, especially in our area, where the incidence of Lyme was around 7.5% in 2020.

Vanguard Rapid Response is a trivalent intranasal Bordetella vaccine which also protects against parainfluenza and adenovirus type 2, in addition to Bordetella bronchiseptica. This single-nostril administration affords the first and only proven 1-year duration of immunity for all three antigens. For dogs who will not tolerate an intranasal bordetella vaccine, Zoetis offers an injectable Bordetella vaccine. We do not offer oral Bordetella vaccines because they are not as effective.

We administer Vanguard Bivalent Canine Influenza vaccine because it protects against the two highly contagious strains, H3N2 and H3N8. It is also adjuvanted to boost immune response and is thimerosal-free.

For Distemper, Parvovirus, and Leptospirosis, Nobivac Edge vaccines provide effective protection at smaller doses, minimizing the risk of immune system vaccine reactions. Merck's Distemper/Parvovirus vaccine also protects against Adenovirus type 1 (Hepatitis) and Parainfluenza, while their Leptospirosis vaccine is the only one which provides the comprehensive protection against four serotypes. Merck's vaccine is also effective against urinary shedding and mortality in both urban and suburban environments.

In order to provide maximum safety for our feline patients, we use the PureVax line of vaccines by Boehringer Ingelheim. These vaccines contain no potentially harmful adjuvants as other vaccines do to boost immunity. A recommended vaccine for cats, especially those that go outdoors, is the Feline Leukemia Vaccine. 

All optional, non-core vaccines are given only after a risk assessment by our veterinarians, which includes thoroughly discussing your pet's lifestyle and location in the Delaware area. Because vaccines do not all afford the same degrees of protection, we recommend clients vaccinate their pets at our hospital. We have developed a vaccine protocol we feel is best for your pet, providing maximum protection at minimum risk. Our vaccines are stored at manufacturer mandated temperatures and are monitored by both digital and traditional thermometers. We have a pharmaceutical grade refrigerator. Our staff would be glad to answer any questions you may have about our vaccines and your pet's needs.


X-rays (radiology) may be needed to determine if your cat or dog has a fractured bone, a dislocation, other joint problem, or other abnormality of the skeleton. They can also help our skilled veterinarians determine if there is an enlarged heart, an abnormality of the lungs or airways, swollen organs in the abdomen, stones in the urinary bladder or kidneys, other abnormalities, or harmful or foreign materials that have been swallowed. We also have the capability of performing dental x-rays to look for damaged or unhealthy teeth, periodontal disease, oral tumors, or jaw abnormalities. All of our x-rays are digital, which allows them to be easily copied or sent electronically for a specialist's consultation. The x-rays are stored in your pet's medical record in the computer system of Circle Veterinary Clinic for immediate retrieval and permanent security. Occasionally, a pet will need to have sedation or anesthesia to be able to obtain good quality x-rays.


Sadly, due to deteriorating health, advanced age and debilitation, chronic uncontrolled pain, or other reasons, our pets may need to be euthanized, or "put to sleep." Circle Veterinary Clinic provides support for this difficult decision through careful consideration and consultation between the family and our compassionate veterinarians.

This service is provided in the most humane manner possible by first giving a calming sedative. Then, when it has achieved its effect, gently placing an intravenous catheter and administering a drug specifically for this purpose. The veterinarian is the only one administering this drug to ensure its effectiveness. Owners, of course, may choose to remain with their pet throughout the procedure.

Once your pet has passed away, you may order a memorial paw print or cremation services with the option of having the ashes returned to you. These services are offered through our long-time arrangement with
Delaware Pet Cremations, located in the Wilmington area. 

We encourage clients to consider pet insurance while their pets are healthy to avoid euthanasias that may be necessitated due to serious illness and financial constraints.